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Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling & Assessments

FAQ – Counselling / Assessments

What type of assessments do you offer?

Psychoeducational Assessment – Our psychoeducational assessments evaluate cognitive, academic, and social-emotional/behavioural functioning and are used to evaluate diagnoses related to learning, attention regulation, and emotional-behavioural regulation. We quote approximately 12-14 hours for these assessments, this is broken down into a 1-hour history/intake meeting, 4-5 hours of testing with the child, file reviews and consultations with parents/teachers, in addition to 6 hours of interpretation and report writing time, and a final feedback meeting to discuss the results and how best to move forward.

Gifted Assessment – Our gifted assessments evaluate cognitive functioning only, which is usually to determine eligibility for Gifted coding or admission into a charter school. We quote 5 hours for these assessments, which is broken down into a .5-hour history/intake meeting, 2 hours of testing, 2 hours of report writing, and a .5-hour feedback meeting to discuss the results.


What is your invoicing practice and what payments do you accept?

Invoicing and processing of payments are typically done within 1 business day of the services being rendered.  We accept payments in the form of e-transfer, cash, cheque, debit card, or credit card. We direct-bill some insurance companies.


Do I need a referral and/or how do I schedule or re-schedule sessions?

You do not need a referral. We have several clinics, two in Calgary (Douglasdale and Killarney) and one in St. Albert.  Please call the office location directly to schedule or re-schedule sessions.


What is your cancellation policy? 

We require 24 hours or one business day for the cancellation of appointments without penalty.


Can children wait in the waiting area?

We require that one parent be available at all times during your child’s session – younger siblings may not be left unattended in the waiting area, as there are other professionals and clients working in the surrounding offices – any noise or disturbance in the office can be disruptive to concurrent therapy sessions.


How much does it cost to receive service?

We follow the recommended fees set forth by the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. 

  • Counselling (Individual, Couple, Family) – $200.00/50 min hour
  • Psychoeducational Assessments – $200.00/50 min hour
  • Neurofeedback Therapy – 30-minute sessions – $100.00/session
  • Neurofeedback Therapy – 60-minute sessions – $200/session

Billing may also occur in 10-minute increments for services done outside the therapy hour such as phone calls, writing letters, etc.

If finances are a concern please speak with us so we can discuss how to support you.  Sliding scale fee options may be available.


If you have any other questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help answer them!

Sincerely The Sano State Team