Virtual Reality & Biofeedback


Biofeedback is the monitoring of the body’s responses. Sensors pick up a response and then show us what is happening. Then, through a number of coping strategies, we can learn to manage our body’s responses in an increasingly optimal way. For example, if you think of a stressful situation, your shoulders and neck might tense up. With biofeedback equipment, you can see this happening. As you learn, and practice, relaxation techniques in therapy, you will gain control of your body’s reaction. You will see even the slightest changes and master the ability to control your body’s responses.

When coupled with virtual reality, we can practice being in a very calm and relaxed environment, and then progressively move to more stressful situations where we can improve our ability to control our body’s responses. All of this takes place under the direction of a psychologist as part of a counselling session. We are seeing fantastic results using this novel form of treatment for chronic stress, pain, and anxiety.

  • Virtual Reality & Biofeedback are provided as a component of Counselling sessions. Please see Cost For Service on the Counselling page.

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