About Us

Our History

Sano State Taylored Psychology (SST) was created in 2020 by Kayla Taylor and Blake Ausmus to offer therapeutic services to individuals across the life span. Kayla and Blake were forerunners in the province of Alberta in the field of Neurofeedback (NF) Therapy.

They initially met in 2018 as psychologists and colleagues expanding their knowledge and skills in NF Therapy. At the time, they both worked in different private practices and were excited to be offering this therapeutic technique to their respective clientele. Kayla and Blake continued on separately for nearly two years. In 2019, they reconnected at a time when they each had their own private psychology practices: Blake owned and operated Sano State Health Clinic and Kayla owned and operated Taylored Psychological Services. In 2020, they decided to partner and create a new, merged, company called Sano State Taylored Psychology Inc.

The company is unique in that it utilizes best practices in psychological practice as well as cutting-edge technologies to help obtain client goals, including but not limited to, NF therapy, virtual reality, and other forms of biofeedback. The owners are psychologists themselves and are passionate about what they do, with a combined total of 15 (or more) years in the field of counselling and NF therapy.


Our Vision

SST will continue to excel in Neurofeedback Therapy and Counselling and expand within Canada and Internationally.

Our Mission

We strive for excellence in psychological treatment.

We are committed to providing professional, caring, non-judgmental, and innovative (yet research-based) services within the field of psychology.

We aim to be holistic in our approach, recognizing the intricate connection between mind and body and, therefore, how mental and physical health are fundamentally supportive of one another.

We are also process- and outcome-focused, meaning that we hold in high regard not only the goals for therapy but also providing an empathic and safe space in the process in order to optimally achieve those goals.

Our Philosophy & Values

SST is client-centered and integrative in our approach. We believe that each person is unique and we value their tendency toward growth and/or healing. Instead of pre-set protocols for each person, we offer a tailored approach to each individual utilizing a variety of methods and modalities.

Our core values include:

  1. Excellence
    • Striving to provide the best psychological service possible and commitment to ongoing learning and improving our practices.


  1. Authenticity and Compassion
    • Bringing a warm, kind, and caring demeanor and therefore a non-judgmental and safe space.


  1. Integrity
    • Engaging in a high level of professionalism and honesty.


  1. Innovation
    • Engaging in an open-minded, creative  and flexible approach.


  1. Attitude
    • A supportive environment of gratitude and happiness focused on mutual respect and collaboration.

A Warm, Caring, and Nonjudgmental Approach to Services