Neurofeedback Therapy

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Neurofeedback (NF) Therapy is a form of biofeedback that uses EEG (electroencephalography) to measure brain waves and teach the brain to function optimally.

Sensors are placed on the head to measure electrical signals and then a person will receive feedback through visual or auditory input which provides messages that help to inhibit or reward certain patterns of functioning. Over time and with repetition, the brain learns these new desired patterns and we often see a reduction in symptoms and/or an improvement in many areas of life.

First, we complete an initial brain mapping and intake assessment to determine treatment protocols. Then, we complete brain training sessions (anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours at a time) for a recommended 20 hours of treatment. We finish with another brain mapping and review of results session 4-8 weeks after treatment to measure the change.

This technique is beneficial for brain injury recovery, mental health concerns, cognitive enhancement, and improved sports performance.  It can help achieve better sleep, energy, focus, motivation, and mood.


Cost To Receive Service:

  • Initial Information Session
    and Demonstration: Offered free of charge
  • Intake Assessment (interview, brain map, questionnaires, interpretation): $250.00
    • Includes an in-person Review of Results (up to 30 minutes)
  • NF Therapy Treatment: $110 per 30 minutes

All NF Therapy is supervised by a Psychologist and is billed as Psychological Services. We offer some direct billing to insurance companies.

If finances are a concern, please speak with us so we can discuss how to support you. Sliding scale fee options may be available.

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