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Neurofeedback (NF) therapy is a form of biofeedback that usesEEG (electroencephalography) that measures brain waves and teaches the brain to functionoptimally. Through this process, sensors are placed on the head to measure electrical signals whichare then relayed back to the person in real time. An inhibit and reward system allows the brain tolearn the desired patterns of functioning.
This technique is beneficial for brain injury recovery,mental health concerns, cognitive enhancement, improved physical performance, better sleep, andincreasing energy, focus, motivation, and mood.


Life events can leave us with physical and emotional issues. We offer professional help with real-life strategies that can be implemented to help you overcome the pain and struggles you may be facing.  We work with children, adolescents, adults, and families.


Through the use of virtual reality, we are able to enter a new world of opportunities for therapy! We can explore peaceful environments that can dramatically lower anxiety and chronic pain. We can also better address anxiety, fears, and phobias in a safe and controlled environment. 



Psychoeducational assessments can determine your child’s strengths and areas of need when it comes to their cognitive, academic, and social-emotional capabilities.  This information can support an increase in functioning at home, school, and in the community.